Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tick fever... you don't want it.

So the first thing I did before starting this project was take a quick walk around the bit of land I was about to buy in order to "ponder".  Well... in 15 minutes or so I noticed a bunch of ticks... I ended up picking off over a hundred of them from that little walk.  I thought I got them all.  Later that night I woke up scratching and felt another tick, so I pulled it off, tore it in half and went back to sleep thinking nothing of it.

Three weeks later (apparently it can take months) I became sick.  The symptoms of tick fever are as follows: fever, joint pain, sweating, shaking, headache, rash.  The headache and joint pain were pretty much constant, the fever, shaking, sweating would go in about an 8-hour cycle.  The rash came after about four days of this.  Apparently if not treated this can go on for years and can also include paralysis and death depending on the type.

I have a friend that had this and said it was the worst thing he had ever experienced.  In my experience it is about the 4th worst thing.  My personal misery scale is as follows:  1. Malaria, 2. Heat Stroke, 3. Food Poisoning, 4. Tick Fever.  Of course if it had gone untreated my ratings might change... especially if the death part was involved.

Progress has been slow the past several weeks because of the above mostly, also because July in Arkansas is miserable.... August is not much better, but some progress is better than none I suppose.

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