Sunday, June 6, 2010

Something worth blogging about.

I have had this blog sitting here for about three years now. I originally set it up assuming that I was going to make a regular effort to say something profound. After a few failed attempts I finally came to the conclusion that I really was not doing anything interesting enough to bother talking about it. For the past six years all I have really done was work to pay off a large amount of debt. About six months ago I finally did that, and have since been saving money in order to start work on a number of projects that a few slightly strange people may be interested in (thus the blog).

Last week some friends and I purchased 14 acres of land on a hilltop outside of city limits. This will enable us to attempt a number of projects that we have been putting off for lack of time or resources until now. Later some of the other people involved may add their own projects, but for now I will just list the ones I personally intend to work on. Briefly, these are as follows roughly in order of priority:

1. Earth Bag Dome
2. Low cost geodesic dome / greenhouse
3. Aquaponic greenhouse / garden / fish farm.
4. Earth bag hot-tub.
5. Rocket Stove. (to heat greenhouse / dome / hot-tub)
6. Composting water heater (also to heat greenhouse / dome / hot-tub)
7. Mushroom farming (the legal kind)
8. Wood-Gasification / Charcoal Manufacturing.
9. Energy production (solar / wind / woodgas)
10. Possible construction based on polyurethane pour-foam or underground shipping containers.

Information on all the above can easily be found with an internet search, there are videos on you-tube demonstrating most of it. Over the coming weeks I am going to post a brief introduction to each along with some links to external information.

Spending six years doing nothing but paying off debt has convinced me that it is worth going to great lengths to avoid getting in a similar situation again. There are other environmental and philosophical benefits for most of this, and while I consider these to be important, the primary concern for me at least is practical. I want to be free. Free from the stress of having to meet monthly financial quotas, free from the limitations imposed by debt, free to spend what time I have left doing what is really important instead of leashed to the treadmill of american consumerism. But this is another topic entirely that we can argue about in the comments if anyone is interested.

My hope is to live a comfortable debt-free life, that allows for maximum flexibility. If I want to go wander around some foreign-country at some point, I do not want to have to deal with payments, mortgages, utilities, storage etc. I want to be able to just lock the door and leave. I believe this is easily achievable and inexpensive with the most difficult part being a change in mindset and a willingness to consider unfamiliar ideas. I guess we will find out in the next few years.

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Anonymous said...

I love that "hot tub" is part of minimalism. :)